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It’s time to suit up! The Kingsman are back!

The adrenaline rush you experienced in 2014 watching “Kingsman: the Secret Service” has its sequel ready for release!

Release Date: 22 September 2017

The brand new “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” definitely promises to keep everyone at the edge of their seats with its sharp action packed explosive trailer!

The sequel kick starts in with a boom! Kingsman headquarters are blown up & the world is taken hostage? What would Kingsman do now? They venture out on a quest to find ways to crush the enemies! As destiny would have planned, Kingman meet another US spy organization- “Statesmen”! Prospective ally for sure! They join forces and every sexy gun comes out in their attempt to save the world!

Hang on! Are you forgetting something? Trying to recall how it all started? Here’s a little blast from the past:

It all started with when “Harry Hart” (a Kingsman) introduced “Eggsy” (a clueless smart teen) to the world of Secret Spy Service – “Kingsman”. The suits, the weapons, the quick moves, everything attracts the teen and he transforms to a full blown Kinsman, a gentleman indeed! Of course, “Eggsy” wasn’t a random pick. He did have a secret past!

Who’s in Kingsman 2?

What new do writer’s Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn (director too) plan to bring to plate with “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”?

A definitely refreshing rollercoaster ride where the agent’s have to push themselves and go all out! Suitcases shoot, as do umbrellas too! Gentlemen fly from cars as they shoot! Double the adventure, action and sleek stunts as “Kingsman” unite with “Statemen” to combat the opponent. For all those who thought would miss Harry Hart (Galahad) in Kingsman 2, are certainly in for a surprise! 

Encounter the dual elite spy services unfold their action in theatres on 22nd September 2017. In Rotten Tomatoes, 99% viewers have shown interest in watching the movie. IMDb popularity graph shows 65%. 

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“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” surely appears to be thoroughly entertaining. Do share your reviews and let us know if the movie blew your mind!