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A cinematic journey 10 years in the making, spanning 18 films and a whole era of comic book lore behind it, Marvel Studios gives us Infinity War; the culmination of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I got to watch Infinity War earlier last week, two days before the public release. Having mentally prepared myself going through all those YouTube fan theories and speculations, I sat impatiently waiting for the film to begin. And begin it did. Right off the bat, I knew that Marvel wasn’t joking when they teased the Mad Titan’s arrival in 2012’s The Avengers. If we thought that the Hulk was the strongest being, you can be pretty sure your opinions will be changed in the first scene. Hell, all our expectations were shattered (in more good ways than bad) when it came to this film. No amount of mental preparation was enough. I find that I can’t write up this review without spoiling bits and pieces of the movie and when Thanos himself demands your silence, I will not be going into detail regarding plot points.

The film begins where Ragnarok ended and we are introduced to Thanos in his armored glory. His quest for the infinity stones is by now a well-known fact for any Marvel fan but this film shows us his motivation. And much like Killmonger in February’s Black Panther, I found myself agreeing with Thanos’ viewpoint to a certain extent. Josh Brolin does an amazing job breathing life into this purple giant of a character and the CGI was on point. It looks like Marvel’s villain curse has been finally lifted for good, the tone of the movie is darker than any of the previous films and for once, here is a villain who does not fool around.

The story starts off in space and then kicks off in New York and thereafter oscillates between Wakanda and several planets in space. I always wondered how could the Russo Brothers combine all the characters in a single movie but these maestros have nailed the story by providing every character a moment to shine. Like Thanos himself states at one point, this movie is perfectly balanced, as all things should be. Merging humour, gut-wrenching emotions and epic feels throughout its two and half hour runtime, Infinity War kicks off the summer blockbuster season with a masterpiece that could rival Avatar for the highest box office gross worldwide. Having already disintegrated The Force Awakens’ opening box office gross by $10 million, this film is shattering projections and hearts worldwide. So be sure to bring a box of tissues.

Despite its grim laden tone in the third act, Marvel knows how to turn the tide with the post-credits scene that teases us with the arrival of a certain character, more powerful than any Avenger. But we will only witness this in next summer’s sequel to Infinity War. By all means, Marvel has dominated the superhero genre and I sincerely hope that the DCEU manages to learn something about careful planning and CGI (cough *moustache* cough).

Go see Infinity War in theaters now!

By Akash Sk