How does one write a review for the most awaited film of the past decade? A movie that is meant to provide a conclusion to and is the culmination of 22 movies – all interconnected – in the world’s biggest franchise?

Since the spoiler embargo is down and it’s been a few weeks since Avengers Endgame released, I believe it’s a safe enough time to talk about this movie. Some hardcore fans are obviously still traumatized by a few key scenes but most of us are satisfied. At least I am. The Russos promised us that much and they delivered. What they described as a cathartic experience has been embroidered well in every single frame.

The film begins where Infinity War left us, the Decimation takes place around the universe, affecting Hawkeye’s family and claiming countless others. A frail Tony Stark and Nebula are rescued and brought back to Earth by Captain Marvel who join the remaining Avengers in tracking down Thanos. The Mad Titan, having completed his task has retired to a planet where he assumes the mantle of the farmer from the comics and is assaulted by the Avengers who waste no time in trying to acquire the Infinity Stones and undo the snap. Unfortunately for them, Thanos has reduced them to atoms, angering the Mighty Thor who finally goes for the head. The film jumps forward in time to five years later, where the world is still recovering from the Snap. Ant-Man returns from the Quantum Realm, after the real hero of the film (The Russos said this – not me!) a rat reactivates the Quantum Tunnel. Using the newfound knowledge that one can enter the Quantum Realm and travel to different points in time, the Avengers prepare to pull off a time heist in order to acquire the Stones and undo the Snap.

For two directors who got their jump at the grungy Slamdance Film Festival, the Russos have surely come a long way and done the impossible – change the entire tone of the MCU, directed four films and capped off the biggest superhero movie in the world. Or any movie for that matter. Endgame has steadily been approaching the worldwide box office gross set by Avatar a decade earlier. I guestimate it might top it in the upcoming weeks. But for a franchise that steadily took its time to build every character from the ground up, make the audience care and invest themselves to a series that has defined the modern moviegoing experience, Marvel Studios surely deserve all the praise that it gets.

The film has its plotholes, but with a three-hour runtime you don’t notice it during the movie – only afterwards do you stop to think why did this happen this way and not the other. Surely, there must have been at least one possibility amongst 14 million where everyone survives right? Ah, but then there are the actors’ contracts and age to consider, so all things considered, I’d say the film is as successful as it can be. While it does leave questions unanswered, I’m sure that the next phase will provide us with some answers.

And so a decade-long Saga, The Infinity Saga comes to a close. Thank you to Kevin Feige and team at Marvel Studios for the stories that entertained us all. And to Stan Lee, the true One Above All Others, your legacy has never been cemented more solidly. Nuff Said!

Courtesy of Akash SK