The 14th release of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe might not have seemed like much before its release. Many were unexcited by news of yet another comic book adaptation this year. Some didn’t have faith in a sorcerer as a superhero at all.

Sure, it’s not your typical comic book superhero story, but that is what makes it stand out !

After all is said and done this movie is making head waves worldwide. Although this movie was not as hyped as Marvel creations such as the Avengers and Deadpool, the success of Doctor Strange speaks for itself.

The origin story of Marvel’s awesome title character shows us how the arrogant, and detestable surgeon Dr. Stephen Vincent became the hero so many know and love today. After a career- ending traffic accident in New York City, in which Doctor Vincent loses some mobility in his hands, he is driven (by a somewhat mad passion) to find a miracle cure, and so his journey of magic, mystery and adventure begins.

It does not use the generic hero formula and the audience is loving it. Not only has it hit box office highs, the critics have been very kind as well.

Rotten Tomatoes loves Doctor Strange with a 90% approval rating and an average score of 7.3/10. Metacritic gives it 72 out of 100, showing that it has ‘generally favorable reviews’. Cinema Score on the other hand gives Doctor Strange an A (on a scale of A+ through to F).

Variety says it’s ‘Marvel’s most satisfying entry since Spider-Man 2’, while Jeffrey M. Anderson of Common Sense Media complimented the director saying ‘Scott Derrickson unexpectedly adds plenty of playfulness and humor to a story that could have been steeped in self- serious exoticism and mysticism’. He praised the cast too, saying that Cumberbatch, Swinton and Benedict Wong ‘bring so much personality to their roles.’ Anderson gives Doctor Strange a rating of 4 stars out of 5.

If the word of the critics is not enough to convince you, how it fared at the box office most certainly will. As of November 7th, Doctor Strange has grossed a worldwide total of $332 Million. It had the biggest IMAX release with a worldwide total of $24.2 Million, breaking Interstellar’s record. For its opening day, Doctor Strange bagged 32.6 Million domestically and became the second largest opening in Disney history. In its first weekend Doctor Strange finished in 1st place, earning $85 Million at the box office. It is now projected to earn $225 million for its total domestic gross.

Naturally, most people will enjoy Doctor Strange. The cast is supreme, the story excellent and the praise nothing less than it deserves and that makes it worth a watch.

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