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Resident Evil – The Final Chapter, kicks off in the immediate aftermath of Resident Evil : Retribution, and sees the conclusion of a six part saga that first hit the big screen way back in 2002. In the Final Chapter, the evil Umbrella Corporation who manufactured the T-virus which precipitated the Zombie Apocalypse is very close to seeing their plan to wipe out the entire human population being fulfilled. It is up to Alice (Mila Jovovich), Claire (Ali Larter) and a small group of rebels to infiltrate The Hive in Raccoon City and save the human race from extinction.

Despite mixed reviews, the movie is a good watch for all you action junkies and Resident Evil fans, with over 90% of the 1hour 46 minutes comprising of action sequences. The Final Chapter is a mostly satisfying end to a series that has over the last 15 years often struggled to match the popularity of the video games. 

This is the last time we fans will get to enjoy the smokin’ Mila Jovovich as Alice on the big screen, and that alone was enough to get us off the couch and into the cinema. We were certainly glad that we did.