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  • 1 hr 26 mins
  • Drama
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The story revolves around ‘Babanona,’ a laundrywoman whose son disappeared during the insurgency that gripped the country in 1988/89. The story follows her quest to find justice for her missing son, only to discover that she has to confront the man who took away her son and his wife, and their tragic life story.

Directed by

Visakesa Chandrasekaram

Written by

Visakesa Chandrasekaram


  • Nita Fernando [ Babanona ]

  • Nadee Kammellaweera [ Namalee ]

  • Jagath Manuwarna [ Indika ]

  • Nilmini Buwaneka [ Actress ]

  • Xavier Kanishka [ Actor ]

  • Grace Ariyawimal [ Actress ]

  • Hal Yamanouchi [ Actor ]

  • Yehani Hansika [ Actress ]


  • 5.0/5
1 Fan Ratings
  • Danushka Medawatte 22 August 2020

    The movie breaks away from the monotonous movie tradition of Sri Lanka and ventures into questioning the utility of the legal system and justice especially when it comes to those who are looking for missing loved ones. It revolves around a mother who seeks justice for her disappeared son and in that represents the story of thousands of Sri Lankan mothers from various communities who still are searching for justice. The movie created very realistic grey characters as opposed to mainstream black and white characters. This is a must watch!