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  • 1 hr 39 mins
  • Animation / Adventure / Comedy
  • 2D
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Encanto is about a family called the Madrigals, who live in an enchanted town in the mountains of Colombia. Every child but one in their magical house has been granted a unique ability such as strength or healing powers. Mirabel, the only ordinary Madrigal, discovers that the magic is under threat and she may be the only one able to save it.

Directed by

Byron Howard, Jared Bush

Written by

Jared Bush, Charise Castro Smith


  • Stephanie Beatriz [ Mirabel Madrigal (Voice) ]

  • John Leguizamo [ Bruno Madrigal (Voice) ]

  • María Cecilia Botero [ Abuela (Voice) ]

  • Diane Guerrero [ Isabela Madrigal (Voice) ]

  • Jessica Darrow [ Luisa Madrigal (Voice) ]

  • Angie Cepeda [ Julieta Madrigal (Voice) ]

  • Wilmer Valderrama [ Agustín Madrigal (Voice) ]

  • Carolina Gaitán [ Pepa Madrigal (Voice) ]

  • Mauro Castillo [ Félix Madrigal (Voice) ]

  • Adassa [ Dolores Madrigal ]

  • Rhenzy Feliz [ Camilo Madrigal (Voice) ]

  • Ravi-Cabot Conyers [ Antonio Madrigal (Voice) ]

  • Maluma [ Mariano (Voice) ]

  • Alan Tudyk [ Pico (Voice) ]


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