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Once upon a time in this country, there lived a king whose queen was saddened all the time. That was simply because they did not have children. The kingdom had no heir. In the meanwhile, the countrymen were getting ready to celebrate the fifth wedding anniversary of the royal couple. Preparations were ready to celebrate the event on a grand scale.

One dancing troupe was journeying across a forest, with its drunken chief. This drunken chief stirred the wrath of the wild elephants, who in turn assaulted the whole troupe. While everyone ran amok, one mother fainted with her child trapped in a basket. While the wild elephants were retreating, the child gave a cry. One female elephant grew fond of the child. So she carried the basket with the child on her shoulder and made way into the forest.

That forest was home to an ascetic and a Veddah family too. The female elephant had a calf too. The human child grew up with the elephant calf. The ascetic taught him the letters and martial arts, while the Veddah family observed all this from afar.

Ascetic named the elephant calf as Raju and the child as Bhanu.

Since they both get to grow up in an isolated environment, they develop a mutual understanding. In the meanwhile, the childless queen is getting ready to leave the palace. The ministers advise her to adopt a child. The queen approaches Alimandava Kovil, a sacred site reserved for ladies, as a last resort. What would the queen, flanked by her assistants, get to see on her way to the kovil located in the forest? Bhanu who takes a bath in the river with his elephant sibling. But suddenly they disappear. The queen develops affection for Bhanu at the very first sight. She goes back to the palace, and cries for Bhanu.

The king seeks assistance from the Veddah family to locate Bhanu. The ascetic smells what the Veddah family and the royal courtiers are up to, and tries to rescue Bhanu and Raju from them.

Will the courtiers be able to abduct Bhanu?

Will the friendship between Bhanu and Raju come to a halt?

Will the other elephants let Bhanu and Raju alone?

Directed by

Sunil Ariyarathne

Written by

Leticia Boteju, Sunil Ariyaratne


Raju, the Elephant

Kaushalya Fernando

Yehani Hansika

Ravindra Randeniya

Dananjaya Siriwardhana

Tharuka Wanniarachchi

Giriraj Kaushalya

Rodney Warnakulasuriya

Dulika Marapana

Kumara Thirimadhura

Sarath Kothalawala

Wilson Gunarathne

Deepani Silva


  • 4.1/5
47 Fan Ratings
  • Sumith Perera 09 August 2017

    Good story for our children

  • Asara 06 August 2017

    A good family movie directed by Prof. Ariyaratne.

  • janaka sampath 30 July 2017


  • Damith perera 30 July 2017


  • asanka pathirana 29 July 2017

    Great film....

  • Buddhi Hewathanthirige 24 July 2017

    Very interesting and good recap of the culture of elephants,,:)

  • Sahan 23 July 2017

    Ali Kathawak is a beautiful story. It was very pleasing to watch.

  • Supun thilakshetha 16 July 2017

    This move I think good to advice our children.

  • Deshan Perera 15 July 2017

    Good movie, Keep it up

  • Roshan Piyarathne 15 July 2017

    Nice film

  • Prashanth Prastom 09 July 2017

    Good children movie

  • Kaushal 02 July 2017

    Good movie

  • sulakshi 01 July 2017

    love the elephant !

  • Indika 25 June 2017


  • Bishan 25 June 2017


  • Duminda 25 June 2017

    Good for kids. Story is not poweful enough

  • danuka silva 22 June 2017

    love the songs ! kinda uique fantasy

  • Anjana 21 June 2017


  • Navodya 19 June 2017

    Very good movie for children and a good message for the society.

  • Chaaminda 19 June 2017

    Not up to standard as a children s story !

  • Dilshan 18 June 2017

    Nice movie. Give a good advice to the people about the nature

  • Nadeeshan 17 June 2017

    Nice movie

  • Tharindu Nirmala 12 June 2017

    This movie was an utter failure. Decided not to watch movies directed by Prof. Sunil Ariyarathne. Even the movie "Paththini" was not upto the standards. Childrens' movies such as Siri Perakum, Ho Gana Pokuna are way more greater than this movie. Even the adult could enjoy those movies where they had good storylines and great music. Its true that our film industry lack of technology. But not lack of imagination. We have access to great film industries such as hollywood n bollywood. I wonder our Directors gather anything from them.

  • Niroshan Fernando 11 June 2017


  • Dhanuk 11 June 2017

    Good movie

  • Rohana Bandara 10 June 2017

    No Flow on the film, main acting kid not suitable to the character, middle the girl & the boy combination not good as kid's film. overall not recommend as kid's & family film.

  • Madushanka 07 June 2017

    nice film.. recommend to all family members

  • Tharindu Dileepa Perera 05 June 2017

    Nice one

  • Samantha Perera 05 June 2017

    Nice Films

  • Prabath 05 June 2017


  • R.Pradeep Priyadarshana 05 June 2017

    good move, but last module what small girl bathing in the river and removing shis cloths are not matching with this type of children's movies. it's directing children's mind in a bad way.

  • Aruna sampath 04 June 2017

    Good one,

  • Ushan Wickremasinghe 04 June 2017

    The change of the theatre location not prominent! Almost missed out on the film.

  • Ushan Wickremasinghe 04 June 2017

    My young daughter enjoyed the movie. It was good.

  • Sean juriansz 04 June 2017

    Good movie, more suitable for kids aged 5-15

  • Nalinmb 04 June 2017

    I really enjoy this film

  • Arjuna 03 June 2017

    Lots of fun for kids and great movie for the whole family

  • Sithum 29 May 2017

    Good movie for children

  • Jude Perera 28 May 2017

    It was very good. Children enjoyed a lot.

  • pasii 28 May 2017


  • Minoli 27 May 2017

    Lovely movie. Ending could have been better. It was ver anti climatic. Overall, nice movie for kids and adults. Roughly two and half hours in length.

  • Chamath 24 May 2017

    Good movie it has story which attracts children

  • Rukman Chaminda 23 May 2017

    Good Film for Kids and They really enjoyed the Film

  • Madawa 22 May 2017

    There are no meaning of the story... Really disappointed about Sri Lankan movie ? indestry.

  • Roshitha 22 May 2017

    Good movie for kids

  • shantha 21 May 2017

    given some ideas to protect the environment but its not really touching.thr story is not memorable except the elephants some behaviour on some occation..long movie compare to the short story introduced..

  • limal chandula 14 May 2017

    best children movie ever