Velaiilla Pattadhari 2

Velaiilla Pattadhari 2

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  • 2 hr 13 min
  • Drama / Action
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The movie is a sequel to the 2014 Tamil film 'Velaiilla Pattadhari'. When a jobless graduate flounders around trying to find work, he loses respect from his wife, family and friends. But when he gets involved with a powerful woman in the corporate world, his life turns around and he becomes a powerful man himself.

Directed by

Soundarya Rajnikanth

Written by





Amala Paul

Ritu Varma


Saranya Ponvannan


  • 3.9/5
18 Fan Ratings
  • Kogulan 23 August 2017


  • Eizal 22 August 2017

    It was good more than expected and the rumors

  • Simaa 21 August 2017

    First half good

  • Johnathan Damien 20 August 2017

    Its a family entertainer, laughout loud the 1st half, a bit serious the second. All in all enjoyed it.

  • niranjan 20 August 2017

    Ending is horrible . why do they rush the ending . you have a good script , a good cast , good action director & a good director but they have a horrible ending of people to imagine the rest .

  • arshad 20 August 2017


  • Saagitya 14 August 2017

    First half of the movie was great. Second half was not as expected.

  • K Shamy 14 August 2017

    Boring and the actor has imitated like Rajinikanth and not even close to VIP part 1. Waste of Money & Time !!! Same old story and nothing new and more like a child's story.

  • Abdul 13 August 2017

    Superb film

  • Hafeez 13 August 2017


  • Jathu 13 August 2017

    Feel good film & we can enjoy the film. It could be watch with family and children.

  • Abdul Rahman 12 August 2017

    Superb customer care service... appreciate it....

  • SJ 12 August 2017

    The movie was both good and disappointing. It had its high moments and lows. The highs being the funny bits- the jokes were hilarious, yet realistic therefore relatable. The only disappointing bit was the climax. The movie felt unfinished-- wish it was more action packed or dramatic or had something to make the audience feel that the movie was complete

  • Abdullah 12 August 2017

    Semma movie

  • Shawfwan 12 August 2017

    One time watchable

  • Sirajzam 12 August 2017

    I love danush .. That's it

  • Premraj 12 August 2017

    Mass Raguvaran ?

  • Stephan Raphaël 11 August 2017

    Just watchable.