Dedunu Akase

Dedunu Akase

  • Drama / Romance
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Samudra and Vihangi are two young and beautiful students in a higher educational institution studying together. Samdura is the youngest son of a high-class, wealthy family. He is a very playful and fun-loving young lad. Vihangi is the daughter of a male teacher in traditional dancing and she is his world since he had sacrificed his entire life for her ever since her mother passed away. Vihangi and Samudra are studying dancing and aesthetic subjects and both are very bright students involved in learning Western and Traditional Dancing very well. 

Their final few weeks are spent on getting ready for the inter-higher educational competition. During practices, one member of their dancing troupe injures herself and she was asked to keep away from dancing for few months. The troupe is now facing an issue.

In the meantime, Vihangi accidently sees her room-mate, Pavani dancing like a professional. She introduces Pavani to her dancing troupe to replace the injured member and though Pavani was one year younger, the teacher takes her in. Samudra opposes to this decision saying that it is unfair for the students of his year. But, Pavani was finally chosen when Vihangi intervened.

Vihangi was in love with Samdura and he is her best friend too. Samdura also treats her as his best friend but has not expressed his love to her as he was aware that this will not be a suitable match according to his family background. But, Vihangi cannot love anyone else. Also,Samudra likes Pavani as he has not noticed the love of Vihangi for him. Though both of them had gone on their own ways, after obtaining their higher education, Vihangi decides to stay single with her love towards Samudra in her heart. They cross their paths once again after eight years and this impacts all of their lives to a greater extent.

Directed by

Priyantha Colombage

Written by

Tharaka Herath Dhamunumulla


  • 2.9/5
13 Fan Ratings
  • Kasun Tharaka Weerasooriya 18 December 2017

    Everything on this film is great. I really like it's editings.

  • Kazun 18 December 2017

    Lovely movie

  • Namal 17 December 2017


  • Kamal 05 December 2017

    This shit is still on Cinemas ? I can see why Cinemas on Sri Lanka Sucks.

  • Hettiya 05 December 2017

    Melo Rahak Naa

  • Gihan 27 November 2017

    Yako mewata 5 stars gahanna umbalta pissuda 0 stars magene labenne

  • Jeewaka 27 November 2017

    Melo Rahak Naa .........

  • Kavinga 27 November 2017

    Wadak nathi reddak .....

  • Jehan 27 November 2017

    I did not like this Movie (Just My Opinion Fools) !!!!!!!

  • Kasun Tharaka Weerasooriya 28 October 2017

    Perfect Sri Lankan Movie Ever Yet !!!

  • Desman Chathuranga 17 October 2017


  • hasitha chamupathi 16 October 2017

    Sri Lankan Sinhala romantic film

  • Ushani 14 October 2017

    Superb movie