Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

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  • 1 hr 59 mins
  • Fantasy / Action
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The movie is a sequel to 1995’s movie ‘Jumanji’. 

Twenty years after the events of the first movie, the infamous board game has evolved into a video game and while cleaning out a school's basement serving detention, four teenagers find it and get sucked into the same jungle setting that Alan Parrish got sucked into all those years ago. They also become their avatars inside the game and the only way out is to play along and finish it.

Directed by

Jake Kasdan

Written by

Chris McKenna


  • 3.8/5
11 Fan Ratings
  • Nilushini 04 February 2018

    I have never seen

  • Ashaaf 19 January 2018


  • Joe 06 January 2018

    Welcome to the Stupid game called Jumanji

  • Chammi Dinethra 04 January 2018

    Superb Movie

  • Mario 04 January 2018

    If anyone is looking for a movie to laugh until you cry, this is the one

  • thilina 30 December 2017


  • Manila 22 December 2017

    perfect movie

  • srpieris 20 December 2017


  • Bamboozal 17 December 2017

    No way Sherlock this was bad ... At-least it's still better than that Justice League !!!

  • sculpedhunkzaf 11 December 2017

    gonna b awsome

  • Shymaal 24 October 2017

    This will never be good as the first movie which was Good, Sad to see this Movies getting Rebooted ........