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  • 2 hrs 45 mins
  • Drama / Period / Romance
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The movie is based on the epic poem Padmavat (1540) by Malik Muhammad Jayasi. 

Set in 1303 AD medieval India, Padmavati is the story of honour, valour and obsession. Queen Padmavati is known for her exceptional beauty along with a strong sense of justice and is the wife of Maharawal Ratan Singh and pride of the Kingdom of Chittor, a prosperous kingdom in the north west of India. The legend of her beauty reaches the reigning sultan of Hindustan -Allaudin Khilji. The sultan who is a tyrant, is fixated with wanting anything that is of exceptional beauty for himself. He lays siege on the impregnable fortress of Chittorgarh. 

After a gruelling 6 months, he returns to Delhi empty handed. He becomes obsessed and now wants to capture Chittor and its Queen at any cost. He returns with a bigger army and raging fury. He attacks Chittor with brutal force and a bloody and fearsome battle takes place between the righteous Maharawal Ratan Singh defending his kingdom and the honour of his Queen and Sultan Allaudin Khilji. Khilji manages to breach the fortress but it goes in vain as the Queen chooses to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect her dignity.

Directed by

Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Written by

Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Prakash Kapadia


  • 2.4/5
28 Fan Ratings
  • Sandun 24 March 2018


  • pradeep 04 March 2018

    Stoped being a fan of Sanjay Leela.

  • U2 01 March 2018

    No More.

  • Howdy 01 March 2018

    Hindi Movies are just as bad as Tamil Movies !!!

  • Hirumal 01 March 2018

    So full of shit wrapped in one movie.

  • Y2J 01 March 2018

    Worst film I've ever seen !!!!!

  • Yomal 01 March 2018

    Waste of Money .....

  • Jalas 01 March 2018

    Crappy Movie

  • GT 01 March 2018


  • H,Nuwan Kasutha Perera 26 February 2018

    very nice movie and amazing

  • K 24 February 2018

    Such garbage! Confusing and non-existant plot.

  • Riekn kakadiya 23 February 2018

    So good

  • Amanda 08 February 2018

    Absolutely amazing movie, great acting by the whole cast especially Ranveer Singh, loved him as the villian. Well worth a five star rating. I may go see it again.

  • T 02 February 2018


  • Basith 02 February 2018

    Good acting skills produced by the actors but the story not that great. Ending was not as a super movie would have. Ultimately, the acting was superb! Specially Ranveer Singh's acting despite of him being the villain.

  • Oppo 31 January 2018


  • Fish 31 January 2018

    A Waste .....

  • Chathura 27 January 2018

  • vihanga 26 January 2018


  • Hiruni 26 January 2018


  • Hasani Chalalochana 25 January 2018

    Great work!!

  • anjana 21 January 2018

    I think we all have to be stubborn about this movie because this movie is related to Sri Lankan history as the queen padmavathi is inherited in Sri Lankan and married to an Indian King so Her beauty is from Sri Lanka. This movie went through toughest circumstances against Karni sena so that i strongly we have to put some effort to support all the cast and entire film because for the cinema is inspiring.

  • Sachintha 20 January 2018

    Wow....... can't wait... i hope it'll release in 3D in sri lanka

  • Shanaka 18 January 2018

    it sucks

  • Sri lanka 10 January 2018


  • Shanaka 09 January 2018


  • Joe 06 January 2018

    Shit !

  • uchiya 05 January 2018