5 Samath

5 Samath

  • Family / Drama
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The movie focuses on the social pressure placed on children to face the exam which is emphasized aptly. Samath and his family live in a humble abode in a rural area in Sri Lanka. As a result of their rural setting, they are unaware of the significance and allure associated with the Grade 5 scholarship examination.

Due to his closeness nature and animals, Samath is able to grasp what’s in his textbooks well and this is evident when he is ranked No.1 in the island.

Samath’s humble and patient demeanor is also highlighted in the movie and contrasts vehemently with the sense of entitlement we see in children educated in major cities. His innate desire to ensure that his village receives electricity and find a practical method of supplying water to his parents’ paddy field are what motivate him.

The practical knowledge he gained from the aforesaid ventures is what led to him being ranked first among those who sat for the grade five scholarship exam, This ultimately proves that knowledge you gain from books alone isn’t adequate and there are lessons to be learned from nature.

Directed by

Jayaprakash Sivagurunadan

Written by

Rasika Suraweera Arachchi


  • 4.0/5
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  • Lishantha 17 January 2018

    The best for 2017

  • Kamal 05 January 2018

    Boring ...

  • Surenda 16 December 2017

    5 samath