• 1 hr 51 mins
  • Crime / Action
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The movie is a remake of the 2014 Kannada movie 'Ulidavaru Kandanthe'.

The local folks of Manapad town are getting ready to celebrate their biggest festival, Christmas and it is their annual tradition to participate in the procession, which is led by the father of the village's oldest church and seek blessings from him. During the course of the celebration, one of the villagers accidentally discovers an old treasure, which opens a path of destruction and would affect the lives of the villagers. As the events unfold following the discovery of the treasure, the stories of some individuals - Richie, a local thug, Selva, a boat mechanic who is struggling to recover from the loss of his friend, and Megha, a local journalist gets intertwined in this multiple narrative.

Directed by

Gautham Ramachandran

Written by

Rakshit Shetty, Gautham Ramachandran