Yama Raja Siri

Yama Raja Siri

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  • Comedy
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''John'' and ''Martin'' are mango friends. They were professional watchmakers of a cemetery. Economic issues continue to exist between John and Martin. One night, when they watch the cemetery they see a light. That light is strange. So John and Martin going that light side. Two persons dressed like as Royals, coming through the light. John and Martin thought they were (Street Drama) actors. And blasphemed them. This is where Yama King and his Senevi. How much introduced them, but for John and Martin suspect in about both them. In the end, the King is making a magic mystery. John and Martin are feeling dizzy. They bow down to the king. They ask the king, ''are there any reasons why you came to the Lanka?'' And the King said ''that this journey came for find a beautiful virgin.'' That's duty gives to John and Martin. The King gives money and all of facilities for duty. This two guys going to finding a virgin to king. Meanwhile, one girl meets. Her name is Nil Nayani. John and Martin say about of Yama King's proposal to Nilnayani. A first time she reject it, but later she accepts they proposal. For meet Yama King. As reason of this duty, John and martin frequently meets Nilnayani. So they being love to Nilnayani. Yama King's duty is forgetting of them. If the meantime, Yama King spends time until a John and Martin's message is received from Sri Lanka. Reasons of the King's different behavior causes doubt about the king to Yama Devi. Looking for the matter, Yama Devi has the truth revealed. She will come with a special force. Nilnayani will also found. She gets Nilnayani's image and since then, she has deceived on all.

Directed by

Sajeewa Sankalpa Dasanayake

Written by

Nihal Premachandra