Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story

  • 2 hrs 23 mins
  • Fantasy / Science Fiction
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The movie is the second 'Star Wars' anthology film, following the 2016 movie Rogue One. A stand-alone installment set prior to the events of the original 1977 movie.

Described as a space western, the movie is centered on a young Han Solo and his adventures with his Wookiee partner Chewbacca, including their encounter with Lando Calrissian.

Directed by

Ron Howard

Written by

Lawrence Kasdan, Jon Kasdan


  • 4.7/5
5 Fan Ratings
  • DV .. 22 April 2018

    this is gonna be great its star wars

  • Vihara :))) 22 April 2018

    *Nervous laughter*

  • Dilshan 22 April 2018

    Star Wars is the best franchise ever made. I Thought ‘Rogue One: a Star Wars Story’ was awesome and this is the 2nd anthology film so hopefully it’ll be as good as that one

  • Aneka Jayawardhana 22 April 2018

    SO excited for this movie!! Love SW and can’t wait to see it! This is gonna be the best film of the year.

  • OneIli 22 April 2018

    I love Star Wars so much (but I may only be watching watching this for Chewie and Emilia Clarke because how the hell am I supposed to accept someone other than Harrison Ford for Han but I still have hopes) and I really really hope this movie will be good. I mean, maybe a lot of people think it’s gonna be trash because of the re-shoots, but the same happened for Rogue One, right? So I’m just gonna have faith.