Wassanaye Sanda

Wassanaye Sanda

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  • Drama
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Directed by

Udayakantha Waranasuriya

Written by

Udayakantha Waranasuriya


  • Oshadi Himasha Chavindi [ Actress ]

  • Piyumi Hansamali [ Actress ]

  • Anula Karunathilaka [ Actress ]

    Anula Karunathilaka is a Sri Lankan film actress and theater performer. Karunathilika was born on January 22, 1946 and made her on-screen debut at 16. She began her career in the early 1960s and her entry into the industry came about as a result of a chance meeting with senior film industry figures at a beauty contest organized by the Dawasa newspaper in 1962. She played a role in the local film industry's efforts to produce truly local performances, moving away from highly Indianized productions and plots.

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  • Srinath Maddumage [ Actor ]

    Srinath Maddumage is a Sri Lankan film and teledrama actor, known for Adaraneeya Kathawak (2016), Gini Avi Saha Gini Keli (1998) and Diya Yata Gindara (2004).

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  • Anuj Ranasinghe [ Actor ]

    Anuj Ranasinghe is a Sri Lankan film and actor, known for Me Wage Adarayak (2015) and Wassanaye Sanda (2017).

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  • Ravindra Randeniya [ Actor ]

    Ravindra Randeniya is a Sri Lankan actor and politician. Randeniya was born on June 5, 1946 in Dalugama, Kelaniya Sri Lanka. Randeniya attended St. Francis School in Dalugama. Though he was a good student, he failed to pass his A-level examination and didn't pursue higher education. Randeniya instead joined his family business of manufacturing hardware products. He started taking courses in theater decor and screenwriting at Lionel Wendt Theatre Workshop. He got his first starring role in the student production Mudu Puttu directed by Gallapaththi and rose to fame in Lester James Peries's film Desa Nisa in 1972, and was a popular actor during the 1970s and 1980s.

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  • Suwinitha Weerasinghe [ Actress ]

    Suwinitha Weerasinghe is a Sri Lankan actress, known for Welikathara (1971), Yagunthaya (1985) and Mille Soya (2004).

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