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  • Horror / Romance
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A boy, Sandaras Edirisinghe, and a girl, Vidya, fall in love (It’s love at first sight, of course) on their way to the church at Gadagama. The girl, possessed by the Kalu Kumaraya, can only be healed by the priest, played by Sriyantha Mendis, though the Kumaraya finds his match in the boy, who owing to the potency of his love for her manages to dispel the villain, at least for the time being. A few exorcisms later, all of which have the churchgoers dance in madness, overcome with the possession, the boy manages to get him out of her for good. The girl, however, has to leave for Canada owing to rising tensions between her family and elements sympathetic to the LTTE. Decades later, having seemingly forgotten her and yet also having struck a deal with the Kumaraya himself to find her, he marries a painter, Frankie, moves into a comfortable, upper middle class life, and finds his past catching up with him when she gets possessed by the serpentine prince.

Directed by

Jayantha Chandrasiri

Written by

Jayantha Chandrasiri


  • Jackson Anthony [ Gharasarapa aka Kalu Kumara ]

  • Kamal Addararachchi [ Actor ]

  • Sangeetha Weeraratne [ Actress ]

  • Kavindya Adhikari [ Vidya Doraiappa ]

  • Devnaka Porage [ Sandares Edirisinghe ]

  • Ameesha Kavindi [ Actress ]

  • Kusum Renu [ Actress ]

  • Yashoda Wimaladharma [ Actress ]

  • Wasantha Vittachchi [ Actor ]

  • Rajitha Hiran [ Actor ]

  • Jayanath Bodahandi [ Actor ]

  • Aishara Athukorale [ Actress ]

  • Anura Dharmasiriwardena [ Actor ]


  • 5.0/5
2 Fan Ratings
  • Dinesh Madusanka 11 August 2018

    Fathima's acting was superb. Cool movie. recommend it

  • Danuja Lekamge 07 August 2018

    Seems awesome