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  • 2 hrs 10 mins
  • Drama / Sports
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The movie revolves around Anandha, a middle aged man, whose dream was to score a gold medal for the nation. Failing to fulfill his dreams, he invests all his energy on his son, Sachith trying to make him an international level athlete. His dreams fall apart when his son and wife meet with a tragic accident.

With this unfortunate breakdown, while passing a difficult chapter in Ananda’s life, Udumbaraa, a girl from a squatter area of the town, who happens to be a prodigal runner walks into his life, which marks a new beginning in his life and gives him a reason to live. He takes up the challenge and responsibility of training Udumbara to win a gold medal for the country. He makes Udumbara to, Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it!

Directed by

K.S Chammanthraj

Written by

K.S Chammanthraj


  • Jackson Anthony [ Coach Ananda ]

  • Nadeeshani Anderson [ Udumbara ]

  • Harshi Rasanga [ Young Udumbara ]

  • Sarath Kothalawala [ Udumbara's father ]

  • Jayani Senanayake [ Udumbara's mother ]

  • Hirunika Premachandra [ Actress ]

  • Ryan Van Rooyen [ Actor ]

  • Kaushalya Fernando [ Actress ]

  • Athula Pathirana [ Actor ]

  • Sangeetha Basnayake [ Actress ]

  • Michelle Dilhara [ Actress ]


  • 5.0/5
1 Fan Ratings
  • Pandula 06 November 2018

    I really admired this cause we need these kind of movies to be screened .Giving great advices for the younger ones as well as the mature.