Dhilluku Dhuddu 2

Dhilluku Dhuddu 2

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  • 2 hrs
  • Horror / Comedy
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The movie is a sequel to 2016 movie 'Dhilluku Dhuddu'.

The story follows a happy-go-lucky guy who doesn't take things seriously except his lady-love who he meets and gets attracted to, in due course. Now, his lady-love has a problem that if anyone proposes to her, they would be chased away by some ghostly spirit that accompanies her always. It is now for him to solve the mystery behind her ghost companion. How he tackles this situation whether he is able to get her lover recover from this possessed state forever or not is the rest of the movie.

Directed by


Written by



  • Santhanam [ Actor ]

  • Deepti [ Actress ]

  • Shritha Sivadas [ Actress ]

  • Rajendran [ Actor ]

  • Bipin [ Actor ]

  • Urvashi [ Actress ]

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