Subha Theraniyo

Subha Theraniyo

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  • Drama / History
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Subha, who is the only daughter of a rich goldsmith, sees the Lord Buddha proceeding to an alms giving with the Maha Sanga. The sight of Lord Buddha evokes devout feelings in her. As she pays a visit to Weluwanaramaya, Subha is privileged to listen to a sermon delivered by Lord Buddha.

After this incident, she develops a strong attachment to Buddhism and requests permission from parents to become ordained as a Buddhist nun. The parents who first object to her request finally relent after much persuasion from her and Subha ultimately becomes a Buddhist nun. She becomes known as Jivakambavanika as she chose Jivaka’s mango grove to engage in meditation.

Nanda, a playful youth who leads an aimless life, sees nun Subha in the mango grove and becomes captivated by her beauty. Nanda starts going after nun Subha begging for her love which disturbs her calm life as a Buddhist nun.

Directed by

Sumith Kumara

Written by

Priyal Weerasinghe


  • Ruwangi Rathnayake [ Subha Theraniyo ]

  • Roshan Ranawana [ Actor ]

  • Sriyantha Mendis [ Actor ]

  • Dilhani Ekanayake [ Actress ]

  • Mahinda Pathirage [ Actor ]

  • Udayanthi Kulathunga [ Actress ]