Sansare Dadayakkaraya

Sansare Dadayakkaraya

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  • 1 hr 15 mins
  • Drama
  • Adults Only
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The story was inspired by Simon Navagattegama’s novel Dadayakkaraya’s story. It depicts a conflict between a monk and a hunter, giving ground to a philosophical exploration of death’s place in life.

The temple nestles in the folds of a dense jungle. The path from the village to the temple runs through it. In the name of merit and demerit, the villagers bow to the word of the monk. The only exception is the hunter who lives in the jungle. It is him who provides all of the meat required by the people in the village. And yet, he eats no meat.

It is the month of Vesak, and Gomaree slips out of a group listening to a sermon to frolic with her paramour in the jungle. There they both fall prey to a leopard. The hunter, fully aware of what goes on under the jungle canopy informs the monk that the leopard had attacked Gomaree and has now tasted human blood. He earnestly requests the monk to refrain from asking the people to come to the temple on Vesak Poya (full moon) day fearing that they too would fall victim to this leopard. The monk leaves such matters to fate (Karma) and firmly refuses to stop the Seela (observation of precept) program scheduled for the day.

Finally, the hunter, who never kills anything except as food for people, is forced to kill the hungry leopard as it hunts for prey even as the monk is delivering his sermon to the villagers on Vesak full moon day.

When the monk and the hunter go into the jungle the next day, all they see are the rotting corpses of Gomaree and the monk.


** Parents are urged to be cautious. May contain some material that may be inappropriate for children.

Directed by

Prasanna Jayakody

Written by

Prasanna Jayakody


  • Sanjeewa Upendra [ Hunter ]

  • Hemasiri Liyanage [ Monk ]

  • Christina Britto [ Gomaree ]

  • Thusitha Laknath [ Actor ]

  • Isuru Navod [ Child Actor ]


  • 4.5/5
2 Fan Ratings
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  • Sarith idk 05 July 2019

    Nice one

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