Vishama Bhaga

Vishama Bhaga

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  • 1 hr 30 mins
  • Drama
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In a rural village in Sri Lanka, the family well becomes poisoned by agricultural chemicals. This subsequently leads to the untimely death of Ruwansiri’s father who develops chronic kidney disease, leaving his mother works to support the family. At school, he struggles to understand his lessons in a rigid educational system that cannot go beyond rote learning. As an escape from the toxic environment around him, Ruwansiri finds solace in music. Can his passion help him overcome his circumstances?

Directed by

Lalith Rathnayake

Written by

Lalith Rathnayake


  • Jackson Anthony [ Hemachandra ]

  • Kaushalya Fernando [ Heen Manika ]

  • Hemasiri Liyanage [ Madiris ]

  • Pansilu Wickramarathna [ Ruwansiri ]

  • Pankaja Wickramarathna [ Kamalsiri ]


  • 5.0/5
5 Fan Ratings
  • Chanuka Dhananjaya 05 February 2020

    The most influencing and heart touching Sri Lankan film I've ever watched. Have to have more run time than other films. Unfortunately there's no place for good.

  • Nayana 21 January 2020

    It’s very nice movie. Every thing is very nicely done. Photography , music, direction are exultant. Two young actors are exceptional..they are so good.?

  • Vilochane 23 December 2019

    This is a masterpiece, must watch movie. One of the greatest I have seen. Cannot explain it by words can write a complete book about it

  • Kasunee Weeraratne 17 December 2019

    Must watch Heart touching film Thank you

  • Desh 16 December 2019

    Amazing Film