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  • 1 hr 45 mins
  • Drama
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In 2004 tsunami, a two and half year old baby girl swept away with the floodwater. Selvam and Kalyani, the parents of the baby never believed that their daughter was dead as they did not find the dead body of the child despite the frantic search. After about 10 years later they see a newspaper article about a strange 12 year old Sinhalese girl who can understand Tamil and remember some incidents of her previous birth. With the photographs in the paper, the Tamil couple notices a birthmark in the face of the girl and suspects this girl as their lost child and claims her back. But the Sinhalese parents refuse and the girl is confused.

In the court hearing it was revealed that the Sinhalese family also had lost their baby girl in the Tsunami and later had found her in an orphanage. After a DNA test, the court gives the verdict that Tamil parents are the biological parents and hand over the child to the Tamil parents. Not only the Sinhalese parents but also the girl was devastated by the decision. Despite the extensive effort by the Tamil parents to make the girl forget the past, the girl could not forget the Sinhalese parents she loved. The Tamil parents understand the despair of the girl and finally decide to share the parenthood with the Sinhalese family.

Directed by

Somaratne Dissanayake

Written by

Somaratne Dissanayake


  • Himali Sayurangi [ Actress ]

  • Bimal Jayakodi [ Actor ]

  • Dharshan Dharmaraj [ Actor ]

  • Niranjani Shanmugaraja [ Actress ]

  • Giriraj Kaushalya [ Actor ]

  • Anuruddhika Padukkage [ Actress ]

  • Kumara Thirimadura [ Actor ]


  • 4.3/5
2 Fan Ratings
  • Yasiru Harshana 11 March 2020

    Super movie

  • user 17 January 2020