ARO Movie Mania - Play & Win

It’s tough to eat half a kilo of veggies and fruits in one go. But on average 250ml of cold pressed juice contains the extract from that much produce.

Play Arô Movie Mania game and win a pack of Healthy Arô Cold Pressed Juice and Free Movie Tickets daily.


Day 1 [20th March] Winners

1. Kasun De Silva

2. Salki Himesha

3. Anne Lawrence

4. DS Opatha

5. Ashwin Khanth


Day 2 [21st March] Winners

1. Ameer Rif

2. Abdullah Abdullahms

3. Thushi Thei

4. Athma Nikini

5. ZM Dev


Day 3 [22nd March] Winners

1. Nelson Niroshan

2. Pamudi Jayathilaka

3. Roxy Rahuman Rahman Run

4. Shani Harshani

5. Rishad Jaffar

ARO Movie Mania - Play & Win

Terms & Conditions

- Select the Arô juice bottle you want.
- Move the mouse to slice as many fruits as you can and earn 50 fruits (points).
- You are given 30 seconds to achieve the score.
- Each fruit slice = 1 fruit (point).
- Bombs are the traps you have to avoid. Your game ends once you hit a bomb.

Please Note: If you are a player logging in for the first time, you would be prompted with a dialog asking your permission to share the email address. To help us confirm your identity, you need to share the email address associated with your Facebook account.
5 winners will be selected daily for 3 days based on the highest score and the time spent on scoring fruits. Check Arô Movie Mania game scoreboard for daily updates. Gift packs will go to the top 5 players who achieved the 50 fruits score in the shortest period of time. If multiple players share the same scoring time, the winners are determined by the time they started playing the game.
Each gift pack contains:
- 4 Arô Bottle Pack
- 2 Free Movie Tickets

The gift pack should be collected at:
34, Ward Place, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka

Telephone 1: 0773323223 Michelle
Telephone 2: 0719727712 Nuwanthika
* The prizes are non-transferable and are not redeemable for cash.
* If the winner cannot be contacted or do not claim the prize within 48 hours of notification, TakTikBook & Arô reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner.
* No substitutions or exchanges of the above prizes will be permitted, other than a substitution by TakTikBook & Arô that may be necessary due to the unavailability of a prize.