Waste Less Arugam Bay

Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay, Pottuvil, Ampara District

Waste Less Arugam Bay (WLAB) is a social enterprise funded by USAID that is offering holistic solutions to plastic related issues in Arugam Bay and its surrounding environments.

WLAB venture is two-fold; it aims to:

[1] create a streamlined system of plastic waste collection that would enable increased levels of recycling and upcycling of plastic and

[2] foster a culture that reduces the plastic used in the Bay.

Working with the different stakeholders of Arugam Bay’s community, WLAB is aiming to create a model coastal tourist town with a plastic segregation and collection system that is scalable. Community stakeholders WLAB will be working with include hoteliers, local and international travelers, local resident communities, schools and the local administrative units such as the Divisional Secretariat and the Pradeshiya Sabha.

Via a series of education and engagement activities WLAB wants to foster a sense of community, ownership over the Arugam Bay coastal environment and inculcate environmentally conscious values amongst stakeholders of the Bay. These activities range from beach clean ups to eco-brick builds to a series of creative games amongst the youth in local schools.

WLAB project aims to have several different initiatives that help mitigate the issues surrounding plastic pollution. The HQ, located within the Main Strip of Arugam Bay will comprise of two up-cycled containers which will be home to an education center, a maker-space and a bailing plant. Collected plastic will be picked up daily by WLAB collection officer, brought to WLAB center and bailed for transportation to Colombo. Baled plastic will be sold to manufacturers that will recycle the plastic to create consumer goods, thereby reducing the amount of virgin plastic used in production.

To provide travellers and other community stakeholders with an alternative to purchasing PET bottles in Arugam Bay, WLAB is working with hoteliers to create a network of RO water filtration systems around the Bay, allowing travellers to fill up at their convenience. WLAB plans to sell stainless steel water bottles to provide travelers seeking a sustainable option with a viable alternative to PET bottles. WLAB's aim is to inculcate the value of reusing within the tourist community as well as the local Arugam Bay community.

Through leveraging Arugam Bay’s stunning physical environment and already established position as one of Sri Lanka’s premier tourist destinations, WLAB wants to add to the Bay’s unique selling points by creating a plastic free environment that can act as a model for Sri Lanka’s coastal towns and inspire change across our Island.

By teaming up with TakTikBook, WLAB aims to crowd fund a web browser that will enable travelers to find out where the closest water refill stations in Sri Lanka are located. WLAB services will start in Arugam Bay with aims of spreading around the Island, thereby allowing any web user to find out where the nearest water refill station to them is located. WLAB and TakTikBook hope that the creation of such a browser will incentivize users to refill their water bottles rather than purchasing a new PET bottle every time a user is thirsty.

YOU can help us create this browser by donating a small fee towards the development of this service that will be made available free of charge to all users. Be a part of the change and help making Arugam Bay a cleaner and greener destination!


Check out this video by Project Eklok that sums up what Waste Less Arugam Bay is all about.


Waste Less Arugam Bay is funded by USAID and Rice & Carry WLAB Funded By Logos


For more information, please visit www.wastelessabay.com


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Registered address: 108/1 Rosmead Place, Colombo 7
Project address: Waste Less ABay center, Panama Road, Arugam Bay, Pottuvil

Phone: 0777164254

Email: wastelessabay@gmail.com