Visit Ella - March 23

23 March 2019

Starting 02:00 am - 10:00 pm

Sri Lanka

Ella, Wellawaya

Visit Ella with Yaman

"spread your wings"

Date: 23rd March 2019

Location: Ella, Wallawaya

Duration: 01 Day

Type of Activities: Hiking, Adventure Sport, Waterfall Visit & Scenery


Total Cost - Rs. 5,200 Per Person

Limited Participation. Only 20 Members can join.


Expedition Goal:

  • Flying Ravana Mega Zipline Ride
  • Mini Adam's Peak Hike
  • Ravana Ella Visit
  • Ellawala Waterfall Visit
  • Nine Arch Bridge Visit (Depends on time)


Flying Ravana Mega Zipline Ride:

Flying Ravana is Sri Lanka’s first ever zip-line, located amidst the luscious green estates of Ella. The two-wire zip-line stretches for more than half a kilometer, slides at 80 kmph and offers a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful hills of the island. It is exclusively designed for adventure enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies who prefer a not so ordinary hillside experience.

However, there are height & weight requirements to meet, as safely secured.

  • Minimum Weight - 30 kg
  • Minimum Height - 90 cm
  • Maximum Weight - 110 kg
  • Maximum Height - 210 cm


Cost Includes:

  • Adventure Program with YAMAN Adventure Team
  • Flying Ravana Mega Zipline Ride Fee
  • Up & down Transportation to Location (A/C)
  • 01 Main Meals (Lunch)
  • Evening Tea
  • Full event photography (soft copy)
  • Safety Guidance


Responsibility & Yaman

Yaman tours is a leading tour management team of extremely adventure sporting and traveling in Sri Lanka, as their 04 years Wild and Adventure experience with the Professional knowledge they have Succeed many Different Kind of Vertical Events, They have Proved it...


For more information about the event, please contact:

Mr. Mayura
Event Co-ordinator
Yaman Tours & Eco Guide
Phone: 077 119 3610
Address: Unknown


For online booking assistance:
Phone: +94 76 995 3435

Terms & Conditions

  • This event is offered by Yaman for Adventure and Hiking Lovers.
  • Limited Participation. Only 20 Members can join.
  • Read Event Description carefully and Contact Yaman - යමං for more information.
  • Please contact Mayura on +94 77 119 3610 to receive event procedure.
  • Please confirm your participation on or before 15th of March 2019.
  • Participants will have to be present on 23rd of March in Colombo at 02.00 am (in front of Fort Railway Station).